In brief (September 2015): saliva and radiotherapy, cold and insulin sensitivity, and a giant virus

Keeping saliva secretion up after radiotherapy, or how finding where stem cells crucial to salivary gland regeneration reside may help prevent irreversible tissue damage and loss of saliva production after head-and-neck cancer radiotherapy
Getting cold in type 2 diabetes, or how a protocol involving sitting in a cold room for several hours can improve insulin sensitivity in patients with type 2 diabetes
Another big, big, big virus, or how a new giant virus was recently discovered in a 30,000-year-old permafrost sample from Siberia Continue reading


In brief (August 2013, part I) – prions and giant viruses

Picks for this month, first part:
prions, alcohol and yeast, or how an environmentally responsive prion protein may help yeast to cope with high concentrations of ethanol,
giant viruses, or how the discovery of viruses larger in size and DNA content than any virus known so far challenges the way scientists think of viruses. Continue reading