What babies see

2 weeksHave you ever wondered what the world looks like to an infant, or even to a 6-month old?

An ophthalmologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and a bunch of scientists and engineers at REBIScan have developed an app called BabySee that lets you see the world through the eyes of a baby, aged from a few days to a year. Simply point your camera at something, and use the slider to choose the age of the baby (increments of one week for the first three months, then of one month until one year of age). Continue reading


Baby versus adult brain, the fMRI picture

What’s going on inside a baby’s brain?

If you’re asking whether your baby is currently pondering the immensity of the universe or simply resenting your friend for making a snide comment about its hair (or lack thereof), there’s probably no way to provide you with a definite answer (although I would venture to say it’s probably not doing either of those things). However, if you’re asking whether a baby’s brain works the same way as an adult brain, at its most basic level of functioning, then it’s possible to start answering the question. Continue reading