One of my favorite activities is to sit down with a cup of coffee and read about what’s going on in science. I have a Master’s degree in Engineering and a PhD in Medical Science (general title for the degree – to be more precise my areas of interest are immunology and molecular biology). What I read ranges from the latest research articles in immunology to news articles in multidisciplinary journals and articles in popular science magazines.

I love science and I love talking about it. I wish more people were aware of all the cool stuff that’s going on in research labs. Unfortunately, the kind of science that makes the news for the general public is not always the most relevant, brilliant or innovative bits of current research. And, worryingly, the science news articles presented to a lay audience may not always correctly report the main findings of the original scientific study (see a great PhD comics post about it here).

I decided to start this blog mainly because I love telling people about the cool science-y stuff I just read. But I also hope to contribute a bit to the propagation of science and maybe even get a few people to become as enthusiastic about science as I am.

To contact me: coffeebreaksciencefr AT gmail DOT com


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